Grilling with Propane!


With the May long weekend approaching quickly and summer not far behind, the smell of barbecue is in the air! Nothing says summer more than the smell of burgers grilling on the barbecue.  And what better way to grill than to use low-emission propane.

“Although propane can do so much more, most people know it as a great fuel to light up the grill,” says Nathalie St-Pierre, Canadian Propane Association (CPA) President and CEO.  “Grilling with clean-burning propane is an efficient way to cook outdoors and it emits half the carbon dioxide emissions of a charcoal barbecue.”

Before firing up the grill, however, it’s important to take a few steps to ensure your barbecue is working to its optimum condition.  Follow the CPA’s list of barbecue safety tips for propane users for proper operation of your barbecue and a safe grilling season.

Whether it’s using, cleaning, maintaining, or storing your barbecue, the CPA’s easy steps to follow will ensure your backyard barbecues are always a hit.

Quick and easy steps include checking for leaks, especially if you’re using your barbecue for the first time this season. Applying a 50/50 solution of soap and water to the propane cylinder connections and hoses can help you identify a leak. Other CPA safety tips include never using a barbeque indoors or in a garage, ensuring the lid is always open when igniting the barbecue and a list of Dos and Don’ts such as positioning your barbecue away from wooden fences or walls and never storing or placing cylinders near the barbecue, or near sources of heat or ignition.

“Properly maintaining and using your barbecue are good safety measures and will help your barbecue last longer,” says St-Pierre. “CPA’s barbecue tips will help Canadians cook outdoors incident free throughout the barbecue season.”